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Environmental Policy

Each and every associate of OCEANPOWER has the obligation and responsibility to protect the environment of the company, the community and the global society. Our commitment to the environment is an inalienable part of our overall business operations.

All commercial and non-commercial activities of OCEANPOWER will stick to the fundamental belief of the company: must respect and care about the environment we are living in, and be in tune with the commitment we've made to the environment. OCEANPOWER and its employees have long realized that commitment to environmental protection not only represents long-term strategic interests of the company, it also represents the ultimate choice of mankind to ensure their off-springs having an opportunity of enjoying the same rights as their parents and grandparents.

OCEANPOWER Adopted Measures:
OCEANPOWER shall give environmental impact the primary concern when it comes to decide which product to accept or which project to take. We shall attain our goal (of environmental protection) by requiring our subcontractors or suppliers to provide quality and environmentally friendly products. This should help us extend our belief to those related to us, and thus realizes our promises and commitments to the community and the global society. OCEANPOWER shall establish a dynamic, interactive and ever-improving environmental management system within the company. Under the premise of direct participation of the top management, we encourage active involvement of each and every member of the company in the movement, and expect the system perfect through the process of their participation. On top of this, we'll set up a mechanism of rewarding those who have made significant contribution to the betterment of the system.

OCEANPOWER Solemnly Declares:
Abide by all the laws and regulations of environmental concerns
Reduce waste production, waste discharge, and improve technical procedures
Use energy, natural and recycled resources ever more effectively
Implement a comprehensive environmental management procedure for all new developments related to our company.
Conducts full-scale training for all employees, raise their environmental awareness
Be in full alert for all emergencies of environmental concern, and ready to respond.

Be willing to exchange views with concerned organizations on our environmental management system and its effectiveness. We will
Always hold an open mind to any advice or criticism regarding our environmental performance. We'll do our best to achieve excellence.