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Corporate Culture

OCEANPOWER has great concentration. We recognized the spirit of OCEANPOWER since we are the members. Our culture is an intangible asset to all the members of the company. It includes two parts - ideology and realization, both of which are carried out in management and services by all subsidiaries, and have been enriched with new ideas year by year. The strategies and regulations exhibit these ideas widely.

OCEANPOWER not only pursues marketing, but also emphasizes the importance of corporate cultural construction. We organize employees to take part in physical exercises, and create environment to develop themselves freely, according to which we have armed our member's inflexible will and team cooperation spirit.

After long-term endeavor, OCEANPOWER has shaped a good cultural atmosphere; a value of enthusiasm and exertion is rooted in every employee's mind.

We are devoting ourselves into the construction of OCEANPOWER, and realizing our dream by hard working day by day!