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Talent Strategy
Management Philosophy

All rivers go to the ocean ; open minded is great.
The wisdom of crowds is collected ;great achievements are coming .
Human resources is the first resource of Oceanpower ; the developing of human resources is the driving force of Oceanpower’s constant development.
The management of human resources is the first duty of the management of Oceanpower. Seeking talents, using talents, cultivating talents and repaying talents embody Oceanpower’s operation principle “People-centered”. In the past 10 years , our company has attracted a lot of talents on management, technology and marketing with our broadmindedness. What is more, our company will make a plan of staff's career according to his specialty , interest and character as well as give professional development program. As a result, the staff quality will be improved from the aspects of mind, professional skill and constitution. Our company’s employee stock ownership plan makes employee the real master of our company . So the employee can make progress together and share success with Oceanpower .

Recruitment and Selection

1. With ambitions: unwilling to be outshone and eager to challenge himself.
2. With knowledge: have unlimited ability and motivation to learn all the time. 
3. With passion: fully engaged in the work .
4. With responsibility:have strong sense of responsibility and devotion, spare no effort, take job very seriously and be willing to admit error .
5. With efficiency: improve the efficiency ; no delay and no complaint.
6. With perseverance : have the courage to face challenge; keep working on and never give up.
7. With bearing: have team work spirit and commitment ;learn others’ merits and tolerate others’ weakness.
8. With physique: have strong body and healthy mind; have determination and full energy.

Career Development

The saints always take top possessions, the wisdoms beside ways, the capables occupy middle level and the normals live beneath.

◆ If job openings occur, our company will publish the information through internal network or bulletin boards and recruit publicly and fairly.
◆ Applicants should hand up written applications and post defense book.
◆ Human resources will examine the applicants from the aspects of morality, ability, attendance and skills and submit some nominees.
◆ The nominees make open reply and some may pass it.
◆ After swearing an oath, those who passed will take up new posts.

Post Transformation
◆ the need of personal specialty & hobbies
◆ the need for tapping potentials
◆ the need of implementing new decisions
◆ the need of developing the new program
◆ the need of expanding new market
◆ the need of achieving reasonable deployment of human resources

Job Changes
◆ Ability and capability
◆ Job performance
◆ Actual needs of company
◆ Apply for the position according to vocational skills  Technical Qualifications